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Information About Adoption in Virginia – Harrison & Turk PC

Do You Know The Process of Adoption in Virginia?

Adoption in Virginia can be an exciting time. However, adopting a child, while wonderfully rewarding, is a complicated legal process. If you are considering adopting a child, choose from several different avenues. It’s also essential to make sure that you are ready to adopt before making the decision.

This month, we will explain information about adoption in Virginia. We will explain the types of adoption available. We’ll also cover the ways you can adopt a child in The Commonwealth of Virginia. Harrison & Turk PC is proud to educate our clients about adoption in Virginia.

What Are The Most Common Types of Adoption?

American Adoptions reminds us that a family’s decision on adoption “rarely happens overnight.” Adoption is a decision every family has to make for themselves. The choice can be complicated if you have been trying for months to grow your family. In the Commonwealth of Virginia, there are several types of adoption available. Here are some of the types:

Open Adoption: In an open adoption, the biological and adoptive parents are open to sharing personal information. They can also stay in contact throughout the child’s life.

Closed Adoption: In a closed adoption, both pairs of parents do not have access to each other’s personal information.

Relative and Stepparent Adoption: Relative and stepparent adoption refers to placing the child into the care of relatives or stepparents. This situation could take place after a death, divorce, and other cases.

Foster Care Adoption: Foster families can adopt children placed in foster care. This situation is a drawn-out process requiring terminating the natural parent’s parental rights through court proceedings. The Department of Social Services usually completes foster care adoptions.

International Adoption: Children under age 18 entering the U.S. with an IH-3 after adoption from another country automatically receive citizenship. If parents adopt children from non-convention countries, they must qualify as orphans. Parents choosing international adoptions must apply to the USCIS for an IR-3 visa for their child.

Deciding to pursue adoption is a decision that every hopeful parent must make for themselves. If you are considering adoption and need more information, find a trusted adoption lawyer to begin the process.

Adoption Avenues in The Commonwealth of Virginia

The adoption process can be very overwhelming. To help ease your nervousness, here are some adoption avenues to look into in the Commonwealth of Virginia:

Agency Adoptions: Placements through agencies occur when a licensed child-placing agency has the child. The child can also be in the custody of The Department of Social Services. In this situation, all biological parent’s parental rights are taken away. Once the child is in the agency’s custody, the agency can contend for adoption.

Non-Agency Adoptions: A non-agency placement is when The Department of Social Services doesn’t have the child in custody. Instead, a licensed child-placing agency has custody of the child. In this case, birth parents or legal guardians can permit the child to be adopted. They will also have their parental rights terminated once the adoption is final.

Non-agency adoptions happen through parental placement, stepparent, or close relative adoptions. It’s important to remember that you must meet specific requirements for adoption in Virginia.

Adoption Requirements in Virginia

If you have decided to adopt, make sure that you meet Virginia’s requirements. Here are some conditions that you should meet for adoption qualification:

  • You are still married to your spouse, or the child’s parent
  • You have custody of the child from an agency.
  • You are the intended parent through the help of a surrogate.

If you are still unsure about adoption, it’s best to contact an adoption attorney for more information.

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